Pink Pearl Apple + Calvados Tarte Tatin {gluten-free}

In this twist on the classic French upside-down tart, pink pearl apples are stewed in a buttery apple brandy caramel‚Äč and covered in a gluten-free flaky pastry for a dessert that punches you in the face with apple flavor (in a good way).

Pink Pearl Apple and Calvados Tarte Tatin

Today is a festive occasion in Bojon history for several reasons; let’s celebrate with a fancy French apple tart!

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Summer Berry, Yogurt and Buckwheat Honey Fools

Strained yogurt (a.k.a. skyr) whipped with heavy cream makes a fluffy base for summer berries kissed with buckwheat honey. A naturally gluten-free recipe.

Indian summer is in full swing and all I want to do is lie on the couch in my skivvies, fan turned on full blast, slipping bites of these creamy, cool fools into my maw. Continue to the full post →

An Ode to Orgeat: Classic Mai Tai, Japanese Cocktail + Orgeat Chantilly {with an Almond Peach Buckle}

A celebration of the almond-based mixer orgeat, which features in classic cocktails and makes a delightful addition to whipped cream, too. A collaboration with Jessica and Mitch of Thread and Bones.

The first time I tasted or heard of orgeat was in the pastry department of Farallon, the classic San Francisco seafood restaurant where I worked for a stint under pastry chefs Terri Wu and Emily Luchetti.  Continue to the full post →

Watermelon Jicama Salad with Cotija, Cumin and Lime

A piquant take on the ubiquitous watermelon feta salad, this gets a boost from crunchy jicama, cotija cheese, and an eye-opening dressing.

*Many thanks to Jered’s Pottery, Cogworks and Milkman for sponsoring the blog this month! Click the links to be transported to Berkeley-made ceramic tableware, New Hampshire-crafted wooden serving boards, and San Francisco-squeezed nut milks that taste like magic. Thank you for supporting the small local brands that support this site!*
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Basil Plum Pimm’s Cup

The classic Pimm’s Cup cocktail gets a summery twist from fresh plums and basil.

Even though I lived a mere 10 minute drive from San Francisco’s acclaimed vegan restaurant Millenium for a decade, it wasn’t until it moved to Rockridge that I finally got to eat there.  Continue to the full post →