Mango Coco Agua Fresca with Ginger and Rum

Coconut water adds natural sweetness and tropical notes to this mango agua fresca kissed with fresh ginger and enhanced by rum and lime. 

Mango Coco Agua Fresca with Ginger and Rum with slice of lime

Here’s a simple drink that can function as a morning juice, afternoon snack, or happy hour tipple. I made it in my fancy new blender from Blendtec, which I fell in love with at Sarah‘s one day while we were styling a shoot for the New York Times. It has a slick touch screen, a large pitcher for blending up big batches of soups and smoothies, and dull blades that are easy to clean. It’s by far the nicest piece of equipment in our kitchen, and I feel like a million bucks every time I use it.

ingredients in blenfer

Before we got our Blendtec, we had a decent blender that Cook’s Illustrated recommended as a less expensive alternative to the high rolling high-speed blenders out there. It served us well. Before that, we had an avocado green number that Jay’s folks gifted us that managed to adequately liquefy our food. We’re pretty thrilled with the upgrade! We’ve used it to make creamy soups, icy popsicles, vegan tarts, and daily smoothies.

 two glasses Mango Coco Agua Fresca with Ginger and Rum

In exchange for this lovely blender, I created a boozy recipe just for Blendtec. It starts with a couple of fresh mangos (Ataulfos are in season here in California and they are sublime), and it gets natural sweetness from coconut water, a hit of fresh ginger, and a boost of lime juice. You can keep it pure, or dress it up with a slug of rum. All of these tropical, floral flavors intertwine into one golden, not-too-sweet drink.

tall glass of Mango Coco Agua Fresca with Ginger and Rum

Get the recipe over at Blendtec!

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top down shot of Mango Coco Agua Fresca with Ginger and Rum

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17 thoughts on “Mango Coco Agua Fresca with Ginger and Rum”

  1. What a gorgeous color! That alone is reason enough to make this agua fresca. I recently upgraded my blender from the 10+ year old one I had. It’s not a Blendtec, but a real step up. Hopefully a Blendtec will be my next upgrade – I hear so many amazing things about them!

  2. Oh this has me craving summer so badly! It is cold and dreary here in Melbourne at the moment and pouring with rain – ugh. Love the addition of ginger and lime to the mango too – definitely need to try when mangos are back around. Absolutely stunning photos too – so crisp and clear <3

  3. This looks so good that I’m planning to make it for when I go into labour (minus the booze, of course). No kidding! The coconut water will be good for hyration and the mango good for quick sugar. :)