Lychee + Rose Boba with Pistachio Jelly {A collaboration}

Lychee + Rose Boba with Pistachio Jelly

It all started with a tweet. Phi of Princess Tofu asked if I would make her some pistachio milk, and I said yes on the condition that I get to try the mysterious finished product. I’ve been following Phi’s culinary creations for a good while now and her flavor combinations never fail to blow my mind. She may have thought that the act of pistachio milk-making was a selfless one on my part; au contraire, I simply wished to score some Princess Tofu grubs.

pistachio nuts in jar

mix in jug

Plus I made her squeeze the nut milk herself.

jug of liquid poured into bowl

muslin cloth in bowl

liquid strained into bowl

woman straining liquid into bowl

So it was that Phi and Nik of A Brown Table came over bearing Mickey Mouse waffles and fresh lychees, respectively, to make some boba tea. Having other food bloggers around to squeal over mason jars, scrutinize light, and geek out on lenses made me feel a little less alone in my crazy world.

man with camera

Watching Phi expertly block and bounce light as she arranged props on various surfaces was an inspiration, and I’m continuing to take guidance from her aesthetic.

liquid whisked

liquid poured through sieve

When the pistachio milk was made and sweetened with a bit of sugar, Phi whisked it into agar agar dissolved in boiling water to make a firm panna cotta of sorts. The first was so softly set, we ate the silky custard with spoons; little bites of creamy heaven.

top down shot of lychees

The second batch was solid enough to cut into cubes and slurp up in cups of black tea infused with fresh lychees and a splash of rose water. The lychees added just enough natural sweetness while giving the tea a soft fruitiness that blended beautifully with the delicate jelly. I’m not sure I’ve ever tasted anything so exotic.

Check out Phi’s post, including the recipe and her exquisite photographs and writing, here.

lychees in pan

cat with mickey mouse toast

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33 thoughts on “Lychee + Rose Boba with Pistachio Jelly {A collaboration}”

  1. Catamouse!! Too cute!

    I was super psyched when Phi posted a little teaser photo on facebook about your get-together (and grumpy about being all the way out on the east coast — I want to have fun blog friend hangouts with you guys!!). I was in NYC a couple weeks ago and I got to meet up with Linda (from The Tart Tart) and Cynthia (from Two Red Bowls). We just ate a ton of BBQ and some ice cream and didn't actually make anything ourselves, but it was SO much fun. It's wonderful hanging out with people who totally get the food blogging thing, and I imagine it's even better having the chance to make foods and geek out on photography and styling with them. :)

    1. Now I'm the one who's jealous (and craving BBQ)! I want to hang out with you and Linda and Cynthia – three of my very favorite food bloggers! Obviously we just need to all move to some culty food blogger compound somewhere. :)

    1. Agreed! I've only recently started cavorting with other bloggers and there is really nothing like it. No one else quite understands our kind of crazy. :)

  2. Hi there,

    saw this post on Phi's blog and it is SO interesting how you have both photographed and interpreted your day completely differently, each with your own creative angle. Just a joy to read both posts and drool over that amazing pistachio jelly! Thanks so much for sharking.

  3. I love love love these action shots! So dramatic. You have such a talent for capturing movement, Alanna! I love it — and I love this collab!!!! It looks like it was such a blast, and this dessert is perfection from start to finish. Thoroughly inspiring :)

  4. I love lychee jelly. They add that nice fruity and fragrant flavor to any drink. Especiallylove it in tea! Great post! ☺

  5. Loved reading yours and Phi's posts about this! This pistachio milk looks fantastic – I have been making mine using the Tartine Book recipe, and I like it, but I am all ears for a new recipe…Do you have any favourite? Thanks!

    1. Ooh, I didn't know Tartine had a pistachio milk recipe – fascinating! My recipe is on Phi's site and it is super simple. We made it extra rich for this jelly, but you could thin it with more water if you wanted to. It's a super treat!